1. Wear more red lipstick "Generally, blondes should look for a
warmer red and brunettes a red with a cooler blue undertone. But it’s really about differentiating between personal preference and style. Orange is a little trendier, while blue-red is more classic." – New York-based makeup artist Min Min Ma.
Vanessa Craft

2. Wear a sock bun There are two critical periods in any woman’s life: before the sock bun (oft signified by a sad, limp little twist of hair) and after (basking in the glory of a bountiful bun). It’s a game changer. Try it as a trendy, high topknot or at your nape for a
ballerina-inspired ‘do.
Kathryn Hudson
Step 1: First, cut the toe off your favourite sport sock.
Step 2: Make a ponytail and slip it through the sock hole, sliding the sock to the tip.
Step 3: Tuck the ends under and roll inward until you reach the top of your head.
Step 4: Secure your bun with a few bobby pins.

3. Choose a signature scent We all want to find that certain head-turning fragrance, but Nahla Saad, co-owner of Toronto niche-fragrance boutique Noor, knows that
creating a scent signature isn’t about sticking to one perfume – rather, it’s about having a wardrobe of perfumes in the same fragrance family. "Think of fragrance as a colour wheel," she explains. "If you love florals, that’s your red, but you can wear a floral with an oriental and create a pink. It’s still recognizable, but it adds some personality and depth."
Ally Dean