5 places you forget to apply sunscreen

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It’s finally sweltering in many parts of Canada (bring on the short-shorts, light-as-air tanks and beachwear!). That means that it’s time to slather on more of our trusted sunshine friend —
SPF. But if you’re like me (so eager to get outside that you just swipe some
sunscreen on your arms and legs) you’ve probably ended up with some burned areas here and there. Here are the top spots most people miss:

1. Feet You don’t pedicure your toes and scrub your feet to have them look wrinkled and leathery 10 years from now. Feet are often the last spot people think to put on SPF, but they tend to get the most sun when walking. So cover the tops of your feet when wearing sandals for young looking toes in the future!
2. Tops of your ears Ever burn these? It hurts, trust me. The skin is so delicate it can burn very quickly. You might not think about this if you normally wear your
long hair down since it provides some protection by covering the tips of your ears. But if you sport a
pony, bun or topknot, be sure to protect your lobes.
More spots you need to protect after the jump!

3. Hands I remember to protect my hands in the morning when I put on sunscreen, but after several hand washes throughout the day, the sunscreen has worn off. The key here is to reapply throughout the day to make sure you don’t get wrinkled, sun-spotted hands in 20-years time.
4. Lips Don’t forget to add some SPF to your pout! Apply a sunscreen-filled balm to add moisture, protect against wind and the sun, underneath gloss of lipstick. That way your lips will stay soft, plump and never dry from a burn.
5. Your scalp/hair line Every year this happens to me – it’s inevitable. My hair usually parts down the middle or slightly to one side, and the sensitive skin that is the scalp is the first place the sun’s rays hit. Sun hair protection products are great (and so are chic hats), but I’ve found a slight spray of
Aveeno’s Active Naturals Sunscreen Spray in SPF 45 to the hair part keeps it protected. Bonus: The spray goes on clear, so no residue to worry about!
Any spots I’m forgetting about? Leave a comment below with your sunscreen tips!

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