One long year after Missy Elliott’s surprise performance at the Super Bowl half-time show, she has blessed us with new music, complete with a music video (as we have come to expect in the post-“Beyoncé” album world). Here, the 5 best beauty looks from the music video for “WTF (Where They From)” featuring Pharrell Williams.

1. A glittery silver lip (0:29 secs). If you’re going to make a comeback, why not dress in a full disco ball-inspired tracksuit with a lip to match? 

2. The red eyeshadow/red lipstick combo on the backup dancers (0:49 secs). Red-on-red makeup is a bold choice, but it’s glittery, so it works. 

3. Pop art makeup (1:19). We were into this look for Halloween, but we suppose it also works for when having a dance off with Les Twins (you know them as the only male dancers Beyoncé allows on her stage).  

4. So. much. blue. lipstick. At 1:24, the blue is concentrated in a stripe down the centre of her lips (colour-blocking for your makeup, basically). At 2:26, it’s a full-on blue lip…with a hint of glitter? (The more the merrier, it seems.)

5. Blunt eye-length bangs (2:18), paired with sunglasses. Paparazzi-evasion skills still on point, Missy.