Beyoncé pretty much always looks like she is glowing. How do you create that look on her? How do you recommend we recreate it at home? Well, the most important application would be moisturizing your skin to prep for the look. You can start with a gentle exfoliator and then moisturize. Choose the most natural and hydrating foundation and apply an extremely thin layer. Using your fingers on the skin to disperse the foundation evenly, be sure to go in a circle motion so that the foundation and the moisturizer becomes one.

What’s the biggest mistake you see people making when they do their makeup for a formal event, whether it’s at a holiday party or on the red carpet? What should you keep in mind makeup-wise if you’re having your photo taken? Avoid contouring, and if you really have to have it apply it in an extremely natural way. Especially on the red carpet, make sure your makeup is well blended. For photos, don’t forget to matte the key points of your face which are side of your nose, chin, and middle of your forehead.

What’s one trick everyone can use to up their beauty game when they have a party to attend? Always wear longwear lipstick and eyeshadows!



Do you think the rule about focusing on only one area of the face – for example, if you do a bold lip, don’t also do a bold eye – still applies today? Not necessarily, it depends on the face and the occasion!

How important is the pre-makeup prep work – treatments, serums, facials, etc. – to achieving a flawless look? Are you a believer in facial massage before an event or shoot? Yes definitely, but not the day of to avoid redness and allergic reaction. Sometimes when you do those treatments right before an event the skin has no time to heal.

Has technology changed the way you approach makeup? Are there any specific ingredients that you love to work with? Technology has made foundations much better as far as colour, texture and coverage. Thanks to technology we now have an array of colors to play with match my clients exact skin tone. As far as eyes and lipsticks, longwear products have been improved tremendously which is great for red carpet, dinners, music videos.

Some of the looks in your book, "One Woman, 100 Faces," you have recreated for Beyoncé. Is there a look you’d love to try out on her, but haven’t yet? I’ve had so much fun recreating some of the looks from my book "One Woman, 100 Faces" on her, especially since she loves being creative. There is one specific look I would love to do one day if the situation and project allows, and that would be a very abstract face paint look like the one below!


You’re very experimental with her beauty look for videos and shoots, but has she ever nixed a look for being too out of the box? Never! She is very experimental and adventurous when it comes to beauty which I love.

Do you have a favourite project you’ve worked on together? Working on her movie Dreamgirls was like a dream job! Also, the last set of visual videos was a great experience they pushed the envelope creatively and that I love!

What is her favourite feature to play up? Has she asked you for any tips when she does her own makeup? Her features are so symmetrical and well balanced there is no need to choose one! I share all my tip and tricks with her, there’s no secrets here.

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