3 steps to perfect, gorgeous summer hair

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There’s not one female that I know that doesn’t have a love/hate relationship with their hair during the summer. Love: Carefree waves, getting away with a slightly messy look,
easy updos, natural highlights. Hate: Dry, sun damaged locks, tangles courtesy of wind, salt water and chlorine, and dull colour. Follow these three pointers from Susana Hong, a
TRESemmé hairstylist and expert, on how to keep hair healthy and gorgeous all summer long. Bonus, they’re actually incredibly easy. Who knew such little changes could have major impact.

1. “Use a smoothing serum like the TRESemmé Split Remedy Split End Sealing Serum,” advises Hong. “This will smooth the cuticles of your hair, flattening out roughness, and prevent atmospheric moisture from entering in turn
preventing frizz.”
2. “Use conditioning treatments to protect your hair from chemicals and sun rays,” says Hong. Either book yourself in at a salon for a deep conditioning treatment and some extra hair love, or use your favourite at-home treatment.
3. “Keep conditioner concentrated on the ends,” explains Hong. “With more perspiration, your sebaceous glands will churn out more oil, leaving your with greasy roots and dry, fried ends. So, make sure you really apply the bulk of your treatments to your ends, then mid shaft.” Easy, right? Hong also dishes on the
biggest hair mistakes you don’t even know you’re making. Find out what you may be doing.
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