What’s the secret to looking great and feeling your best in sexy lingerie (day or night)? We’ve been asking ourselves that question too. Cue in Joelle Litt, stylist at Toronto’s Judy Inc., who has all of the expert dos and don’ts you need to know for wearing lingerie. (We bet you didn’t know #6!)

Expert fashion tip #1
: Get pro advice
“Every woman needs a proper bra fitting every now and again. A professional can help you find the best fit for both comfort and aesthetic.”

Expert fashion tip #2: Think texture
“It’s not just about what your lingerie looks like without clothes – a bra should complement your shirt whether it’s seamless or sexy. Colour and texture are also key underneath certain outfits. For example, lace bras can appear bumpy with thin shirts.”

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Expert fashion tip #3: Nude basics
“Do have seamless or nude staples on hand for sheer outfits that could show panty lines.”

Expert fashion tip #4: Have more than one pair of PJs
“Make sure you have a collection of nightgowns – nothing feels better (other than sleeping in men’s T-shirts) than lavish pyjamas.”

Expert fashion tip #5: Get comfortable in lingerie
“The pyjama dressing trend was all over the spring runways. Wear a camisole in public as a tank top/slip dress for special occasions.”

Expert fashion tip #6: The colour theory
“Always look for neutrals and pastels when shopping for lingerie. Avoid bright colours like neon that could end up looking too flashy.”

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Expert fashion tip #7: When to splurge
“Lingerie is closer to your skin than anything else you wear. Opt for the most luxurious fabrics (think lace and silk) and always splurge on lingerie. If it feels good, you will feel good.”

Expert fashion tip #8: Go strapless
“Hide your straps! There are great strapless bras, interchangeable straps and devices that hide straps with any outfit, so use them!”

Expert fashion tip #9: Find the right fit
“If there is spillage or discomfort, your underwear is too small. Don’t be afraid of numbers and sizes – go for your true size to look your best.”

Expert fashion tip #10: More is more
“Don’t go outside of your comfort zone. Think classic over tacky – lingerie should be comfortable. Less is not always more when it comes to bras and underwear. The better you feel, the better you’ll look.”

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