Your definitive guide to wearing boots in the summer

Aug 05 2016 by
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If you insist on wearing boots in 30+ heat, follow the lead of these celebs.

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    Look, we get it. No matter how hot and humid the summer gets, there's just something compelling about wearing boots on bare legs. So if you must laugh at the concept of seasonal dressing and bust out your velvet ankle boots early, here's how. Just don't complain when fall arrives.
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    Much like comfort and practicality, weather has never played much of a factor for Kim K's fashion choices. Let her chill approach to wearing intricate lace-up boots that can double as tights be your guiding light.
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    Pro tip: Wait for the sun to go down and no one will ask why you're wearing lace-up motorcycle booties to dinner. Right, Margot Robbie?
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    Bella Hadid's ’90s look of spagetti strap tank and denim mini really does pair well with a grungy boot.
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    Kendall's rule? You can get away with a blazer and boots in July as long as you show lots of leg.
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    We can't fault Kendall for wanting to show off these amazing velvet Dries Van Noten boots, even in this heat.
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    If you've ever wondered why peep-toe boots even exist, Kim has the answer.
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    Balance your boots and jeans with a breezy tank and delicate jewellery, like Hailey Baldwin.
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    It's a lot easier to justify boots in the summer when said boots are Vetements.
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