This month, Levi’s is celebrating vintage denim in the best way possible: by relaunching one of its most popular fits. The 505 first hit the scene in 1967 and soon became the go-to staple for iconic musicians like Debbie Harry and the Ramones. As vintage looks continue to be a fashion industry obsession – reclaimed denim tops any reputable DIYer’s shopping list – Levi’s has created the brand new 505 C, a take on the iconic high-waisted, rocker classic. To celebrate the occasion, the label invited Debbie Harry to perform at Bowery Ballroom last night in New York, reminding us all what a true original looks like.


Epic vintage throwback


Photo: Richard Young/Rex/Shutterstock

Debbie Harry wearing Levi’s original 505’s.  


The modern classic



Photo: Levi’s

 The new Levi’s 505 C hit stores this month and is available in a variety of finishes.