1) Kastor and Pullox take on Scarborough Town Centre: #TWINNING! You can never be too old to coordinate with your BFF. Especially on campus where your squad game needs to be strong at all times. Canadian duo Danielle Rock and Bianca Venerayan teach us how to match like a pro in this adorable hometown haul. 



2) Shirley’s Euro finds: Shirley’s haul is a must-see if you love British style. This UK native reveals all of her sleek new finds for fall, which are budget-friendly too. She showcases her newfound accessories, footwear and clothing, and goes into detail about what makes the pieces functional and fun. 



3) TheLineUp’s sporty outfits: Out with the old, in with the new? No way! Get the best of both worlds with this lookbook video by TheLineUp. These fashionable friends show off how they’ve made the athleisure trend work this season, by pairing affordable new styles with thrifty finds. For anyone on a college budget, this haul’s a total #win.



4) Jenn Im’s South Korean gems: Currently obsessed (like us) with South Korean culture? If the answer is yes, you won’t want to miss YouTube star Jenn Im’s massive haul from her trip to Seoul. Since you probably won’t be jetting off to Seoul for a shopping spree after watching her video, she makes recreating her looks simple thanks to easy-to-follow styling tips.



5) Karen Yeung’s trendy fall guide: Karen Yeung struts her way through this playful video full of affordable outfits for every day of the week. From Monday to Friday, she shows us how to dress casual and comfy with a retro twist. Yeung’s looks are heatwave-friendly (because there’s always a heat wave in September) but also perfectly transitional for fall.