Heels or flats? Actually, you don’t have to choose anymore—the question no longer encourages the great style (and personality) divide it once did. Need more proof? Toronto fashion stylist Alexis Honce cites 8 reasons why flats make an awesome fashion choice this summer (believe).

1. Flats can be the dressier option. “A lot of women feel that flats make their outfit instantly casual,” notes Honce, countering that there are a plethora of stylish options to keep your look sleek. For example, go for a metallic flat to brighten up your whole outfit—and pair with an all-white ensemble or LWD for added statement.

2. “There is a flat for every situation
, you just have to pick the right pair,” says Honce. You heard it here, friends. “For weddings, I would go for a dressier flat—metallic pairs look great for evenings and events. Also, with so many backyard weddings, flats are perfect for walking on grass.” Go for a colourful strappy sandal on date night (bonus? It’s an easy way to add a pop of colour to a neutral ensemble). For the office, try a ballet flat in a solid hue. “This covers your toes and pairs well with tailored office attire,” she says.

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3. Make it strappy. Ankle strap flats, says Honce, “add extra style and also have a gladiator feel, which is always trendy.” But, since they can also truncate the leg and make you appear shorter, Honce suggests choosing a flat in neutral colours like tan, beige or metallic gold. “This will still give you the look without creating a line that cuts you off at your ankle.”

4. They can make you look taller (truth!). “Look for styles with a pointy toe, as this will lengthen your look,” says Honce. “Keep your skirt and shorts hemlines above the knee when wearing flats so that your don’t shorten yourself.”

5. They’re great if you have height. “People that are tall are lucky when it comes to flats—they already have the height so they can mix and match flats within their wardrobe pretty easily,” says Honce. Are you listening, Kate Middleton?

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6. But if you are petite, they can work for you too. “I would look for a pair in a nude colour or a lovely pastel,” she says. “These neutral hues won’t cut you off at your ankle and will help elongate the look of the leg. Oh, and “Stay away from black ankle strap styles, as this will shorten you.”

7. Be colourful.
“Coloured flats are great in the summer as they instantly dress up your look too,” she says. Think bright and poppy hues like coral, cobalt and emerald green. And don’t worry about matching the rest of your outfit to your flats—play up your bright footwear with an equally colourful ensemble. Note colourful beading and jewel detailing is always a plus.

8. So. Many. Style. Options.
“It’s fun to mix it up over the summer and one of my go to outfit favourites is pairing a colourful pencil skirt with colourful flat sandals.” Of course, there’s always the Chanel-inspired favourite: “Skinny jeans paired with colourful ballet flats.” Classic.

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