Hayley McKee, backstage at Greta Constantine.

CALL TIME  3 p.m.  I was so excited when I was cast in Greta Constantine—it’s one of my favourite pre-Fashion Week shows! From the moment I walk out of the freezing weather into The Bay where the show was being held, I can’t wait to begin. The long catwalk, twisting and turning around hundreds of chairs, makes me smile as I think of the amazing adrenaline rush of walking down a runway. I squeeze into the tiny backstage area and run for the last open seat, beside one of my friends, when I’m called for a hair test.
HAIR  3:30 p.m.  I’ve loved getting my hair done since I was a kid (doesn’t everybody?) Of course, the end product is much different in this case! This is definitely one of my favourite parts of the pre-show routine. The hair artists spray a hundred products in your hair, shove bobby pins every which way, and they always seem to come out with a stunning result—even if it takes over an hour to take out the next day! The hair for Greta Constantine is beautiful—sleekly pulled back into the middle of the head, with a fun bump on the top. GORGEOUS!