Joe-mimran At World MasterCard Fashion Week, the atmosphere backstage before a show is always a bit of a whirlwind. Models are being toted from station to station, hair and makeup pros are racing to finish the beauty looks, while photographers vy for the perfect backstage beauty shot. So it was refreshing to catch up with Joe Mimran, whom although was wearing a
black puffer coat (under the glaring light, might I add), was as cool as can be.
What was your inspiration for your Spring 2014 collection? "It started off with navy — it was feeling right. It started with the idea of raw-cut fabrics, paring it back a little, and this transformed itself into the idea of blue."
You’ve been inspired by artwork in your past collections, is it the same for this season? "Oh yes, every season is inspired by art. It’s what I love. There is a young artist out of New York by the name of N. Dash. Her pieces are very raw – untouched but manipulated. It is amazing how you can always find reference for what you are thinking and doing in fashion in artwork, and how that influences you."
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