The Judges: Shawn Hewson; Creative Director Bustle Clothing, Rita Silvan; Editor-in-Chief
ELLE Canada

Jessica Simpson

Rita "Chiclet teeth: Check. Malibu spray tan: Check. Tits: Check."

Shawn "The Lee Press-on Nails against the elegant chiffon is a metaphor for this ‘country girl vs. city girl’ fashion mismatch."

Sharon Stone

Rita "Not known for keeping her thoughts to herself, Stone, here, has stuck to what she does best: red-carpet dressing. She may have worked out for months to get into this dress, but her glamour looks effortless with the diaphanous shell-pink gown, minimal makeup and casual, day-after ‘do."

Shawn "Sexy, age-appropriate dressing. The neckline is flattering without being overstated or hoochie. A simple clutch completes the look."

Julianne Moore

Rita "Hot-pink cut-up-to-there takes courage-luckily, Moore has it in spades. She rarely makes safe fashion (or film) choices, and with her pale skin and slim frame she holds the fashion trump card."

Shawn "I like the dress, but it’s not working for Moore. It’s too young for her, or, better yet, she’s too mature and elegant for it."

Christina Hendricks

Rita "With her Vargas silhouette, Hendricks knocks ’em dead in lingerie, but red-carpet dressing is Ms. Voluptuosity’s Waterloo."

Shawn "Wrong colour, wrong silhouette — just wrong! The dress shortens this five-foot-eight beauty and manages to make her shoulders look narrow and sloped."

Rachel Bilson

Rita "It requires a certain talent to bring a Chanel dress down."

Shawn "Sure, the dress is a little busy, but it’s fun and it’s fashion. The perfect dress for a young, spunky Hollywood ingenue like Bilson."

Jennifer Connelly

Rita "As a Ghesquière muse, Connelly channels smart/sexy like no other. Fab legs, but she never stoops to conquer."

Shawn "The neckline gives this relatively simple dress its charisma. It fits the subtle and elegant Connelly like a literal — and metaphorical — glove."

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