– By Stephanie La Leggia
I joined the TFIOS club three weeks ago. I was late to the party, but that didn’t stop me from rereading the book from the moment I flipped the last page. My copy of
John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars is now safely tucked away, tear stained and all, between my Joan Didion
Play It As It Lays and Paula McLain’s
The Paris Wife. I admit I was hesitant to give in to the latest book-to-movie trend, but then again, so was Green. However, it’s its very lack of wizards, weapons and wars that makes it unique; giving us a story where we can just fall in love with the characters, "slowly and then all at once." We laughed and cried with them, and now the day has finally come watch Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters on the big screen. Inspired by the purity of their love and their spontaneous voyage to Amsterdam to meet the obnoxious Peter Van Houten, we’ve put together some pieces worthy of our graceful heroin, of her charismatic and endearing boy, and of the enchanting city we explored with them. "Maybe 'okay' will be our 'always:" American Apparel Unisex Denim Jacket ($145). at americanapparel.ca; Pretty Ballerinas Shirley Black Classic ($249), at prettyballerinas.ca; Monserat De Lucca Vintage Bicycle Necklace ($92). at monseratdelucca.com; Alex Monroe Bianchi Bicycle ($308). at alexmonroe.com Embrace your inner Hazel Grace with a go-to
denim jacket, baggy boyfriend jeans and a "
ceci n’est pas une pipe" pipe necklace. Like Hazel , you may never have seen a real René Magritte painting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate his humour and embrace the irony along Amsterdam’s cobblestone streets (clogs might be a safer choice).

'Ceci n'est pas une pipe — All representations of a thing are inherently abstract:' Monserat De Lucca Brass Pipe Necklace ($81), at monseratdelucca.com; Bryr Abilene Classic Clog in Storm ($), at bryrstudio.com; We’re loving Hazel’s simple
summer style, but we’ve included some Augustus-inspired pieces to the mix. His parents’ "Encouragement" home decor may be too cheese for you, but we found our own version of the support group’s motto "live your best life today." '"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities:" Elsa Relaxed Trouser ($106.36), at freepeople.com; Alex and Ani Live a Happy Life ($28), at alexandani.com; Club Monaco Pale Pink Sunny Tee ($39.50), at clubmonaco.com; Chuck Taylor All Star Oxford Purple ($54.98), at browns shoes.com

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