Few things in life are as exciting as the prospects of packing your bags traipsing across the globe on a
trip, but sometimes our daydreams of adventure (croissant in
Paris! proseco in
Rome!) are met with harsh realities (some, of which, are self-inflicted): When did it become acceptable to wear Lulu’s on a flight, or lug a ripped suitcase encased in plastic wrap? Aren’t running shoes reserved for, uh, running? The art of travel doesn’t begin the minute you step off the plane and into the hotel; it starts the second you leave your home, so I say: bring back the chichi, the ritz, the slick! And with my recent find (
Rimowa‘s chocolate-brown salsa deluxe case) my next trip to Europe won’t know what hit it.
(The Salsa Deluxe ranges in price from $515-$895; shown: "26 case; $655)