Photography by Barbora Simek
Sarah Magwood, snapped in Toronto
Occupation: Owner of Magwood Vintage Boutique
Style: Jungle Empress
Wearing: 1970’s velvet dress, vintage fox collar, vintage Versace belt, vintage bracelets, vintage clutch, bracelets and earrings
Styling method: "I go with a colour first and use that as a base and grow the outfit from there. I love to wear a lot of prints, so I will pick one piece and then build by creating relationships between colours and pieces. I’ll pick one highly patterned piece, one textured piece and one body colour for balance."
Making vintage modern: "A lot of it has to do with the shoes, I love to wear modern shoes with a vintage outfit and often incorporating one modern piece, even if it just a contemporary bracelet or the way you do your make-up. Also wearing modern hair styles with vintage changes it so that it doesn’t look too costume-y."
Fashion week highlight: "I’m looking forward to seeing Evan Biddell back on the runway."
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