All photos by Brendan Adam Zwelling.

One of the most wonderful things about |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week is how it inspires people to showcase their personal style to the max. Check out some of our favourite looks from last night at the shows.
WHO: Lauren Pettigrew
OCCUPATION: Pastry chef
STYLE ICON: Early-days Elton John. I love the big blazers and the tight pants. I feel like it’s a very fearless style – androgynous, but still gendered at the same time, which is totally what I like to go for.
MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT |FAT|: It’s gotta be Von Bardonitz, the whole line. It’s all super black and edgy. I’m walking for it this year, which is really exciting. It’s like playing dress-up in the best way possible—you’d want to go out of your house.