H&M Canada has launched Rewear, an online customer-to-customer (C2C) space where Canadians can buy and sell any piece of clothing from any brand.

The new platform will “help to prolong the life span of garments, and help close the fast fashion loop—leading to a more sustainable future.”

Frédéric Tavoukdjian, Country Manager of H&M Canada says he felt it was important to be inclusive of all brands in Canada rather than just limiting this platform for H&M products. H&M Canada is the first market to launch Rewear.


The platform offers a seamless selling experience with photo editing tools, price recommendation to help sellers determine the best competitive price and H&M data available to prepopulate the post for H&M products.


H&M Canada will offer its sellers two ways of receiving payment, including direct deposit or receiving an H&M gift card with an added 20 percent value that can be redeemed at any H&M store or online.

Starting today, you can head on over to H&M Rewear to learn more and begin your sustainable resale journey.  

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