1. Your ideal first date would include:

A Good conversation

B A romp in the sack

C Flowers and wine

D Dancing at a hot new club

2. While window shopping downtown you can’t help but buy:

A An office-perfect pencil skirt from Carolina Herrera

B A sexy bra and panties set from La Perla

C A charm bracelet at Tiffany’s

D Leopard print stilettos from Manolo Blahnik

3. The hottest spring beauty trend you can’t wait to try is:

A A dramatic eyebrow

B Sun-kissed skin

C Minimalist makeup

D Coloured eyeliner

4. For your next vacation you’re planning on:

A A spa getaway in Arizona

B Island hopping in Greece

C Roaming the streets of Rome

D Shopping in Paris

5. When your friend is in a crisis they come to you for:

A Practical, no-nonsense advice

B Taking their mind off the problem with a night on the town

C A shoulder to cry on

D Someone else to gossip with

6. The next movie you’re dying to see is:

A Get Smart starring Steve Carrel and Anne Hathaway

B Wanted starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy

C The Love Guru starring Mike Myers and Jessica Alba

D The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton and Liv Tyler

7. Your usual exercise routine involves:

A Spinning classes at the gym

B Pole dancing

C Jogging in the park

D Pilates1. Your ideal first date would include:

A Good conversation

8. You finally meet man of your dreams, but he’s married you:

A Figure you were meant to be single anyways

B Invite yourself out with him and his wife

C Schedule an appointment with your therapist

D Pretend that he’s not married and see him anyways – he
is the man of your dreams

9. This summer you’ll be sporting:

A Menswear inspired jackets with city shorts

B A structured leather jacket with hardware and skintight pants

C A floral pattered full skirt with a lacy top

D Wide-legged high-waist jeans with a graphic print blouse and a huge cuff

10. You’re favourite meal is:

A A New York AAA steak and a baked potato with all the toppings

B Sushi à la carte

C Any recipe straight out of Martha Stewart’s cookbook

D Any meal you didn’t make yourself

11. While laying poolside this summer you’ll be wearing:

A A black one-piece suit, with a colourful sarong wrapped around your waist

B A metallic one-piece with huge cut-outs and oversized shades

C A nautical two-piece and a floppy hat

D A two-piece in a neon shade and wedges

12. You’d rather die than:

A Be bored

B Lose

C End up alone

D Have the rest of your life planned out

13. The most attractive thing about your ideal man is:

A His ambition

B His sex drive

C He’s a gentleman

D He’s spontaneous

14. You’re happiest when:

A You have more than 5 minutes for yourself

B You’ve conquered a difficult task

C Everything is in order

D You’re with the people you love

Mostly A’s: You’re like Miranda

Serious, conservative and rational-minded. These are just some of the words people would use to describe you. It’s not that you don’t like to have fun, it’s just that you like things done your way and don’t have the patience for trivial concerns. You’re always juggling a bunch of tasks at once and that hard work does pay off. Just remember it’s important to take time for you!

Mostly B’s: You’re like Samantha

Watch out! You don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. Some people think you come on too strong, but it’s only because you know exactly what you want. You’re not afraid to express your sexuality and it’s your honest approach to life that makes people want to be around you. However, you can come across as harsh, so watch what you say to friends in times of need.

Mostly C’s: You’re like Charlotte

If life were a fairy-tale then you would be Cinderella. You think the best of people, tend to be a bit reserved and are a romantic at heart. You are always trying to beautify the space around you and expect nothing less than the best in all aspects of your life. Your sweet and caring nature can sometimes come across as naïve, so make sure you stand up for yourself when it counts.

Mostly D’s: You’re like Carrie

Outgoing, carefree and independent, plus a fearless attitude when it comes to fashion. You spend your free time socializing with others and keeping up with the latest trends. You’re up for an adventure anytime and don’t really plan much in advance. Don’t let that laissez faire attitude get in the way of your friendships because sometimes all they want is a listening ear.