pony is bucking the trends at Paris Fashion Week! Chanel went with a no-part, mid-head version, while Issey Miyake went with a bold, architectural diagonal side part. Under the direction of Guido, creative director for Redken, Loewe opted for a left-sided, deep part with a low pony and seriously flatironed hair. I chatted with Guido backstage—moments after he arrived from doing the Jean Paul Gaultier show. (No pony ride there!) He looked a little frazzled—blame that on a two-day grizzled beard growth—but his demeanour was chill. What’s his secret? “You can’t let this get to you,” he says. “That’s why I make sure I get a good night’s sleep and meditate twice a day for 20 minutes.” He then quickly slips into PR mode. “Here’s what we’re doing tonight,” he tells the assembled beauty-editor tribe that has gathered around him. “It’s a pony—but it’s really important that a pony has a bit of a personality,” he says. “Every time I do one, I try to give it character.” In this case, his "character" is a ’20s-influenced, slightly mannish but very chic woman. “I mean masculine in a very simple, modern way, with a deep side part, swept over, covering the ear,” he adds. “And then it’s low and pinned over simply, making it elegant and sophisticated. It’s really important that you blow-dry the hair dead straight. I used Redken Satinwear 02 and a large bushel brush before securing the hair with an elastic and cleaning it up with Redken Forceful 23.” So, why is the pony so hot? “I think it marks a return to simple hair,” says Guido. “It’s still dramatic but so very simple.” (It helps if you have a professional wrangler on the reins!)
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