chanel-spring-2014-runway-close-ups-1618Your front row pass to Chanel’s Spring 2014 runway presentation. All photos courtesy of

Even if you’re sitting front row, it’s hard to see the often exquisite details that set a design apart. The models move by in a flash and what you’re left with is a fleeting impression or feeling. After the Chanel show earlier this week my “fleeting impression” was: whimsical, colourful–happy fashion. I was also totally charmed by
Karl’s pop up art gallery. He said his goal was to create an encounter between art and fashion and he succeeded. I was fortunate to have a chance to visit the famed 31 Rue Cambon shop to see the collection. Below you can see the ribbons of chiffon woven into the tweed, the organza and lace details, the
pearl embroideries as well as the texture and colour of the different prints—including the paint swatch pattern that was inspired by an antique colour chart that Karl found in a shop.
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