giambattista-valli-spring-2014-runway-5782Look #1 at Giambattista Valli Spring 2014. All photos courtesy of

Paris scene: Cocktail party to celebrate the launch of the Italian designer’s eponymously titled book (Rizzoli).

It’s now the second time at
Paris Fashion Week that I’ve heard the collection’s muse described as being “intellectual.” On Sunday, hair stylist James Pecis
described the Chloé girl as sophisticated and brainy. Tonight, Giambattista Valli told me that his woman was a Pasolinian. (For those not up on their Italian cultural history, Paolo Pasolini was a philosopher and auteur in the ’60s who used female characters to challenge the ruling class.) Valli is using his runway as a similar platform. “I’m showing more of my Italian side with this collection,” he explained. “Right now there is a bit of confusion in my country, but I wanted to bring back the intellectual side of Italy through the eyes of Pasolini.”
So what does a Pasolinian woman look like? Read on for more pics…