Um, is this what celebrity penitence looks like? Photo courtesy of Getty Images. 

Last night, Jeremy Scott showed his debut collection as head designer at Moschino. To celebrate, the American club kid/provocateur invited two very special front-row guests—
Katy Perry and Brit songstress Rita Ora—then held up the show for more than an hour until the duo finally swanned in. (Imagine that text message convo: "5 min away!!!" "R u serious this time??") Upon arrival, an unruffled Katy Perry immediately hit the catwalk. To apologize? Announce her presence? It wasn’t clear. A chorus of boos started, grew louder and slightly frenzied, and then, finally, turned into half-hearted cheering. (Well, fashion
does move quickly.) Then the show began. And, friends, it was a doozy. Hint: Inspiration included McDonald’s, Frito-Lay potato chips and SpongeBob. So. You’ve been warned.