In 2016, Louis Vuitton partnered with UNICEF to help vulnerable children around the world. This year, as a promise to children affected by disease, natural disasters and conflict, Louis Vuitton designed the Silver Lockit pendant ($600) and bracelet ($500), available at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide and online. For each sale of the Silver Lockit, $200 will be donated to UNICEF. A single donation can provide six First Aid kits, 45 mosquito nets or 25 fleece blankets.

Louis Vuitton also kicked off the #MAKEAPROMISE campaign. Inspired by childhood “pinkie promises,” the brand is encouraging others to snap a promise of their own on social media. On January 12, Louis Vuitton will host the first #MAKEAPROMISE Day at stores around the world (including Toronto’s Bloor Street location) to raise funds and awareness for the campaign. To date, Louis Vuitton has raised $2.5 million for UNICEF initiatives.