Runway shot from Erdem’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Image courtesy of

Picture this: You’re an emerging designer, and have been working on your collection for months. All you need is ten minutes of smooth sailing—no glitches, no technical difficulties, no wardrobe malfunctions—during
London Fashion Week, and you’re in the clear. The countless hours you’ve spent testing hair and makeup, fixing the most minute of details and obsessing over hemlines has all been worth it. But, five minutes into your show, you lose power in the venue. It’s the ultimate “Why Me?” moment, and it happened to
Erdem Moralioglu at his Spring/Summer 2013 collection today. That’s right, Erdem lost power in front of Anna Wintour,
Downton’s Lady Mary, and about two hundred other editors. It could have been a disaster. But lucky for the ex-pat Canuck designer, his models acted like pros—they kept walking as though the music and lights were still on. The power failure only lasted a couple of heart-stopping minutes, and when it came back on everyone cheered. (Even Anna Wintour cracked a smile). And no amount of technical difficulties could disguise the fact that
Erdem has come into his own as a designer. He presented a flawless collection filled with snakeskin, lace and florals (of course) in pastels and
pops of neon. It was beautiful, and so ladylike, and actually gave me chills as it went down the runway.
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