Brian Atwood set to introduce contemporary line B Brian Atwood.

By Noah Lehava, Photography by Brian Atwood
I can already hear the clicking of heels as women flock – ok, more like stampede – to department stores everywhere to get their hands on a pair of
Brian Atwood’s killer stilettos. It was announced late last week that the luxury footwear designer has joined forces with Jones Apparel Group to venture into the world of affordable goods. Atwood, who has lured many celebs with his super sexy designs, has vowed to stay true to his brand by creating gorgeous shoes for the everyday woman. “It will just be with a different edge, but always have the same core values [as Brian Atwood.] Our brand essence is fun. It is lipstick, boys and killer heels,” says Atwood. The contemporary line will retail for $200 to $500, a steal compared to $525 to $2,900 (USD) for his red carpet stunners. Not only will his iconic heels be included, but the addition of cute flats and kitten heels make the new line that much more appealing. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until fall 2011 to slip our feet into a little piece of luxury.