For Todd Lynn, “new” is so…last millennium.

“It’s weird, as a Canadian,” says the London-based designer, who grew up in small-town Ontario. “I remember when I was a kid and everyone would be like, ‘Oh, look at this, it’s 100 years old!’ In Europe it’s like, ‘Oh, look, it’s 1,000 years old.’ It’s a whole different ball game on that level.”

That ethos informs his current showcase, on display at the London Showroom during Paris Fashion Week. Lynn spent some time with me, reviewing his collection and talking about his fashion, his furs, his fabrics and the inspiration he finds in the works of a Norwegian artist.
1. The Dress:  Lynn worked on this in collaboration with London jewellery designer Shaun Leane. “Shaun is the jewellery designer who started working with
Alexander McQueen. All those showpieces—he did them. This is actually very light. It’s nylon, done with a 3-D printer, and then it’s metallized after. So, it is not cheap!”

What’s Lynn’s take on celebrities and fur? Read on.