Boo-boo beautiful?

By: Lara Ceroni, Image courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

Fashion designers have long lent their creative minds to areas outside of clothing design. Todd Oldham (remember him?) is vested almost entirely in home decor;
Armani and
Missoni are visionary hoteliers and
Lagerfeld, well, Lagerfeld has his stamp on everything from downhill skis to gold lamé guitar cases. These collabs aren’t all that surprising. Most make sense in our world (minus the guitar cases…sorry, Karl), but once in fashion’s blue moon we come across a partnership that has us pondering why. Take Cynthia Rowley’s project with Band-Aid (It’s not an off-shoot of Live Aid, in case you were wondering.) The American fashion designer has worked with the brand to design super-chic, limited edition boo-boo bandages that are, surprisingly, really pretty, really fun and make us want to show off our stiletto-induced blisters with aplomb.