style-adventure-glamazonSafari chic at Ralph Lauren Spring 2015. Photo of

day two of my style adventure challenge, and today’s outfit is inspired by the kind of thrill-seeker that packs a pair of Louboutins along for the rocky road ahead (in both the metaphorical and literal sense, because, why not?).
The New Glamazon: I felt that this would be a Kim K-inspired day—at least, loosely interpreted. What was supposed to be my take on Kim’s signature look—a high-waisted nude pencil skirt and crop top—was a winter-white neoprene asymmetrical mini skirt (right?) and a forest green cropped sweater. I appreciated borrowing the sensibility of what’s typically a scandalous outfit, but it’s still negative-ridiculous outside, which justified thicker fabrics and tights.
Verdict: Guess I’ll never cut it as a Kardashian.
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