Can a girl ever have too much of a good thing?

By Lara Ceroni, Photography courtesy of Louis Vuitton My name is Lara Ceroni. I am the senior web editor for I am the least technically-savvy person you will ever meet. You would think that because of my position here (having worked in the digital sector for close to seven years) I would be atune to all-things techie.
Au contraire. I don’t own an iPhone, my iPod is
soo 2001, and to this day I still don’t get what the
"There’s an app for that" catch-phrase even really means. So, naturally, when I received this press release from Louis Vuitton today on their new iPad cover, I was prepared to click "delete" faster than I can say BBM (By the by, can someone please tell me what that is?!) But, such was not the case. Why? I blame it on one, singular word that shone like a beacon in the night on that release: Accessory. I didn’t look at this LV iPad cover as, well, a cover for my non-existant iPad. No, I looked at it as a chic carry-all for the style section of the
Toronto Star when I hit Starbucks on my Saturday’s of latte-sipping. Or, how’s about a functional way to tote my collection (albeit, miniscule collection) of Hermès scarves when I travel? My name is Lara Ceroni. I am the senior web editor for I am addicted to accessories. Surely there’s an app for that? (Louis Vuitton iPad Cover, $375;