finalmorningmustreadSpoiler alert: Hilary Duff will be our December cover star! Follow along the shoot, the outfits and even ask her questions–Duff will be tweeting and Instagramming from the set THIS Friday.
[] No opportunity missed for Yeezus and company, North West sat front row with her parents at Balenciaga’s Spring 2015 runway show, probably unaware that she was shamelessly promoting her pops’ concert emblem on her T-shirt. The nerve.
[Harper’s Bazaar] It was the day of famous faces becoming the faces of famous beauty brands: Karlie Kloss is the newest face of L’Oreal and Katie Holmes, the global brand ambassador at Olay.
[Refinery 29] It’s quite the interesting legal situation for
Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino, who has been indicted for tax fraud.
[Jezebel] On Thursdays–and most days this fall–we wear denim.