3 ways to find the perfect gift

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Ready to find the ultimate gift? Image courtesy of ELLE Canada.

Find the ultimate gift in three simple steps. Image courtesy of Leda & St. Jacques.

By Kerala Woods I’m always on the hunt for the perfect gift this time of year. In my extensive
holiday shopping research over many Christmases spent circling malls for "the one", I’ve distilled my criteria down to a three-part formula. Consider it my gift to you.
1. Be a classic. Whether it’s 
 style is sexy, casual or edgy, the perfect gift must be an item that you can see your BFF using (or falling in love with) over and over again. A multi-purpose item that you can add to their lives and not worry that they’ll grow tired of it just a few weeks down the line.

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2. Evoke luxury. There are different levels of luxury, but make sure your perfect gift is something special, a cut above what you would normally buy any other time of year. Take this moment to splurge; after all, it is just one item that functions as a classic investment piece, with some practical purpose, and is something that the recipient will cherish forever (hopefully).
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3. Have sentimental value. This is the most important aspect of the perfect gift: it must – 
it must – be something that reminds of you the receiver, whether that’s an inside joke, shared memory or anything that brings up the good times that only the two of you share. Because that makes it a gift that only you can give (no pressure). Happy shopping!
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