1. Furnishing your home from one store

Your house should not look like a Crate & Barrel showroom. “You wouldn’t go into a clothing store and buy everything off the mannequin,” says Toronto-based interior designer Montana Labelle. Although it’s tempting to do a one-stop shop, mixing up big-box items with unique finds will make the space that much more special to you—and your guests.



2. Prioritizing style over lifestyle

Those towering, tippy bar stools of your dreams might not be the greatest idea if you have young kids. Nor is that cream velvet sofa if you have three dogs.


3. Choosing furniture that’s too big for your space

Are your chairs overshadowing your dining-room table? Is your coffee table looming over your sofa? (Tip: It shouldn’t be higher than the seat.) Misproportion will automatically throw off a room, says New York-based interior designer Ryan Korban. If something doesn’t feel right but you’re not sure, ask a friend.



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4. Ignoring the bones of your home

“The easiest way to make something look cheap is to move into a modern apartment and try to make it look like a French château,” says Korban. “It’s really important to work with the space, not go against it.” If you want a Versailles vibe in your loft, balance it out with mid-century pieces so it doesn’t feel stuffy.


This article originally appeared in the September 2018 issue of Elle Canada.