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Quick! You’ve got less than three weeks left in the year, and you still haven’t picked out your post-Christmas lunch fireside reading. And because you’re difficult like that, you’ve also decided that this Noel, it needs to be one of the year’s best books. Enter:
NPR’s "Book Concierge"! There’s more to the people of public radio than mellifluous voices: this interactive web-thing allows you to ‘choose your own adventure’ on the road to book bliss. You begin by selecting a category – say ‘for history lovers’ – which then pulls up a whole heap of NPR staffers’ favourites in that genre from 2013, You can then keep narrowing it down – by adding ‘short read’ or ‘love story’ – until you arrive at the perfect, public-radio approved pick. And it’s not just high-brow books about Abraham Lincoln neither – the categories allow room even for you, lover of ‘love stories – rather long – the dark side’.
What are your favourite books of the year?
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