Kim Newport-Mimran

Newport-Mimran, president and head designer of
Pink Tartan, travels extensively, most recently visiting Dallas, Palm Beach, Denver and New York City. “To keep my body and mind energized and refreshed, here are some of my musts.”

Emergen C: I carry these vitamin supplements in lemon flavor to energize and
boost my immune system. I mix it with water as soon as I get seated on the plane.

Pink Tartan essential tech pant:
I always travel with these pants. It has lots of stretch and is so comfortable, yet still dressed up. And it can be spot cleaned in case of emergencies!

A Kindle or book: I always have something to read. If you get seated next to a chronic talker I find the best defense is to intensely read.

Shoes or boots that come off easily:
Nothing is more annoying than a security line back up because people don’t have a quick system with their shoes and computers.

Custom-blended face serum from Tammy Fender: I love a natural face serum to moisturize. Currently I use one from holistic facialist Tammy Fender. I also like simple
argon oil or rosehip oil.

Pure rose essential oil: To apply to my temples—traveling is hard on your system and rose oil raises your vibrations.

iPod Touch:
Delays happen all too frequently so I have my iPod Touch with guided meditation. I’m a Deepak Chopra fan. I also have a variety of music for any mood and a Scrabble app.

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Ashleigh Dempster

Dempster, cofounder of The Society, just returned from paradise—she recently tied the knot in the Bahamas, and just prior to her wedding, she was racing around Miami to launch the latest chapter of The Society. And that’s not including kicking off the year enjoying The Olympics in Vancouver, the bright lights of LA, London’s old-world charm and the magnificence of Montana. Dempster’s travel motto? “Don’t sweat the small stuff! Airport travel can be painful with long lines, lost baggage and cancelled flights. If you can carry on, you’re without a worry. For times when you can’t, as long as you have the necessities (for me it’s my passport, wallet and computer) you can usually deal with any emergency situation by picking up what you need when you land.” As for extra niceties she totes on her travels:

A cozy scarf or shawl: I use it to wrap myself up in it—those airplane blankets are always in such short supply. Besides, by bringing your own, you’ll have a great accessory during your trip.

Hand sanitizer wipes: Better to be safe than sorry. Planes are packed with germs.

A workout regime:
One prepared by trainer Micheal Okumura that we can do in our hotel room. Great for those
off-hour workouts, and much easier to maintain than seeking out the hotel gym.

iPod or iPhone:
I download a few fave TV shows and movies to watch on planes.

Moisturizer with SPF: Even when hitting the slopes for some skiing, you may be at risk for
sun damage.

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Amanda Blakley

Blakley, cofounder of The Society, is Dempster’s partner in crime. The pair met while traveling in South East Asia nine years ago and have logged tons of mileage together ever since, including trips to Laos, Marrakech and Malaysia, not to mention frequent trips to NYC for business (The Society NYC launched in 2008) and now to Los Angeles to coordinate an event with their California chapter.

Blakley’s absolute must? A carry-on bag. Hers is packed with a few essentials so that it’s ready at a moment’s notice. What doesn’t she leave home without?

The Body Shop Coconut Cream or Palmer’s Cocoa Butter: I apply it generously to
prevent dry skin during flights. Plus, your skin will look and smell great when you land. Especially handy when raveling to warm weather destinations.

Brookstone N-illow: This neck pillow helps with getting some serious sleep on the plane.

Healthy snacks: Seeds, nuts, dried fruit and a smoothie mix. They’re handy substitutes when you are on-the-go and sick of heavy hotel breakfasts.

International power adapters: We learned this the hard way by traveling to foreign countries and not being able to charge our phones or computers, and power-surges ruined our technology. You can usually pick them up at the airport before you take off.

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Alexandra Weston

A regular in society pages, Weston, cofounder of PR firm ASC (whose clients have include Andy Thê-Anh and Paul Hardy Designs) is always on the move. We interviewed her as she was en-route to Utah to check out the new Amangiri Resort Hotel; a anniversary celebration with her hubbie Galen Weston having litereally just returned from a trip Beijing and Hanoi where she’d caught up with her younger and older brothers.

Above all else, Weston’s camera is a travel must. Three of her other essentials:

Holistica Lip Fix: It’s to die for. I try really hard to use products that are chemical free, good for me, and good for the environment; this is a great line that does that. I have been even more careful since the baby was born—I hate the idea of putting something chemical or harsh on my skin and then giving him a cuddle and
irritating his skin.

Holistica Triple Amino Gel: It doubles as moisturizer!

A large scarf (preferably cashmere): It’s chic, great as a pillow cover, neck warmer, extra blanket (for me or the baby) and is a practical part of your wardrobe upon arrival. I live in scarves!

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Amanda Laine

Fashion weeks and photo shoots keep model Laine traveling regularly–most recently she was in South Beach, Miami, shooting for Vogue Italia. As for what you’ll find in her travel handbag:

Nivea Essential lip balm: During my travels, I always have this lip balm in my purse to keep my lips moisturized, to prevent them from the dry sting I get while on airplanes.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: I also keep this moisturizer in my purse because my skin always gets dry on long flights.

Nars Eyelash Curler: Before I get off the plane I curl my lashes, giving myself a reenergized look.

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