1. Finish this sentence: "I’m not going home without…"

A "A killer tan, jaw-dropping Facebook photos and memories of a scorching-hot vacation romance"

B "Next season’s hot new bag and/or an investment wardrobe piece my daughters will be fighting over 60 years from now!"

C "Riding that curl like a pro"/"Being mistaken for an America’s Cup yacht captain"/"Killer mid-summer goggle tan"!

D "Hitting the city’s major art galleries and wandering the late-night indie gallery circuit, making friends and maybe scoring a once-in-a-lifetime find from a mid-career artist that I’ll love forever."

2. "I’m toting one bag for my wardrobe and one extra one for…"

A "More wardrobe!"

B "My shopping lucre (it arrived empty and will go home with me full!)"

C "My sports and adventure gear."

D "Souvenirs from my culture (like magazines, snacks, ice wine minis, notebooks, postcards, books of poetry, tee shirts, etc) to share with my new friends. Once empty, I’ll pack the bag with my finds from another culture: (like magazines, snacks, regional wines, notebooks, postcards, books of poetry, tee shirts, etc)."

3. "My perfect vacation breakfast consists of…"

A "My fave eggs Benny and a mimosa. Hey, if this is vacation, I’m living like it’s the weekend, all week long!"

B "Croissant, latte: something I can enjoy on the move while window shopping, or while perched on a bench watching the real-life runway show go by."

C "A sporty breakfast with power burrito, yogurt, muesli and yummy berries."

D "Something local and super-fresh. Artisanal cheeses, a variety of traditional breads and spreads, fresh local fruit, piping-hot coffee and zesty juice."

4. In your opinion, yummy-yummy eye candy generally consists of…

A Hot guys in a state of semi-undress

B Arty Lanvin shoes, eclectic Marni necklaces, this season’s colourful and pattern-happy Marc Jacobs purses… and that’s just the accessories/appetizers!

Big azure waves and dancing palms… Or crystalline snow and mountain peaks… Or an ethereal forest and emerald green rainforest streams… Basically, anything that looks like it could appear on the cover of a CD with a name containing any of the following words or word combinations: "deep," "chill,"  maxi," "chill-out," "down-tempo" and/or "grooves."

D Cutting edge art installations, the parade of stylish humanity coming and going, a city skyline, flickering candlelight, smoke, stars…

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5. Finish this travel thought: "When I splurge on a big trip, what I’m investing in is…"

A "Personalized VIP treatment whether it’s the perfect table at a lounge, or cabana service on the beach, or an extra-swank suite. If you can’t have luxury everyday, may as well find it on vacation!"

B "Amazing experiences and unusual discoveries I can’t find at home, whether cultural or retail. This can mean spending a bit more sometimes, but hello:  the ubiquity of mid-priced global brands means you need to try a bit harder to find something no one else has, or eat somewhere that doesn’t have the same "modern Continental" menu as back home."

C "An outdoor adventure requiring a certain investment of effort, skill and savoir-faire to indulge in. I don’t want to be fighting for space with hordes of tourists from a nearby discount package resort. I want the insiders’ surf break, the unmarked forest trail, the undiscovered reef…"

D "The best seats in the house and the chef’s own tasting menu. Period. End of story."

6. You know you’re in the right place if my chance celeb encounters could include the likes of…

A Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Aniston, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

B Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Leona Lewis

C Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady, Sting, British Royals and/or lesser European royalty

D Chloé Sevigny, Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber, Madonna

8. A superhot him-and-me vacay getaway would be all about

A Sun, sea, sex… and the party scene

B Stores, boutiques, salons, ateliers, trunk shows, flea markets… and some nice romantic restaurants to canoodle in, too!

C Adrenaline-pumping sports followed by dopamine-triggering s-e-x

D Exciting cultural pursuits, luscious cuisine and plenty of him-and-me time in a first-class hotel suite.

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Tally up your results and read below to find out what kind of jetsetter you are…

If you chose mostly A’s, you’re an upscale sun worshipper and party girl.

Why not plan your next getaway to: Fun and frolicsome locales like sultry Miami, swanky St. Bart’s or, sunny, sunny Utila, Honduras.

If you chose mostly B’s, you’re a big-city shopper, theatre lover and foodie.

Why not plan your next getaway to: Renowned shopping-and-show hotspots like hip London, non-stop New York City or up-and-coming Asian ports like Hong Kong or Shanghai.

If you chose mostly C’s, you’re an upscale adventure seeker and athlete.

Why not plan your next getaway to: a yachting hot-spot like Antigua, a surf-and-yoga camp in coastal Costa Rica, or try Zermatt, Switzerland for year-round skiing and snowboarding (yes, in summer too!)

If you chose mostly D’s, you’re a member of the culturati, with a taste for the arts and fine cuisine.

Why not plan your next getaway to: always-relevant New York City, Paris (but of course!), or up-and-coming Tel Aviv, which boasts a vibrant arts and culinary scene.

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