Looking for a getaway spot that’ll keep the whole family (ahem, adults included) happy? Orlando is it. Known as the Theme Park Capital of the World, the Sunshine State’s top destination has so much more to offer than just Mickey Mouse: It’s home to culinary hot spots, cultural happenings and unique experiences that are Unbelievably Real. Read on as we detail our must-see itinerary picks, all guaranteed to make your highlight reel.

Take in a Fireworks Display (Every. Single. Night.)

Fancy yourself a fireworks family? Then Orlando is the place to be come nightfall. Whether it’s the lit-up extravaganza at Walt Disney World Resort, the must-see mix of music, water and light at Universal Orlando Resort’s Cinematic Celebration, or SeaWorld’s “Ignite 360 Nighttime Spectacular” with lasers, flames, and fountains bringing the brilliant colors of the sea to the skies, you can catch a stunning show that’ll delight the little ones well before their bedtime.

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Book in at Michelin-Rated Restaurants

When it comes to cool culinary cities, it’s time to start considering Orlando. With more than 6,000 spots at which to dine, including a trove of famed, celebrity chef eateries and over 30 Michelin-recognized restaurants, the epicurean options are endless for both picky eaters and more mature palettes.

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Take Flight Over 100-Plus Alligators

Sounds pretty wild, right? Fly seven storeys above a pit of live alligators and crocodiles with the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line at Gatorland. Even kids can partake in the heart-rate-raising fun. Here’s how it works: Anyone over three feet tall can get strapped in, cross 365 metres over the Florida fauna and take in all the breathtaking views that come with it.

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Witness a Rocket Launch IRL

Astronomy obsessives have a good chance of getting a celestial fix in Orlando thanks to its proximity to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. On launch days, get your best views from atop The Wheel at ICON Park, a 123-metre tall ferris wheel that delivers unforgettable views year round.

Experience Audio Beauty at Steinmetz Hall

One of the newest additions to downtown Orlando, Steinmetz Hall at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is a can’t-miss destination. Beyond its stunning, Instagram-worthy space, the multiform theatre boasts an N1 sound rating, which means you’ll hear near-perfect acoustics whether you’re seeing a symphonic orchestra performance or a rock show.

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Soar in the Sky With (Super-Safe) Hang-Gliding

In Orlando, you don’t need mountains to give hang-gliding a go. Wallaby Ranch, the first and largest aerotow park in the world, draws thrill seekers and the boldly curious alike to its flight school, just south of the central tourist hubs. Here, you can tandem hang-glide in a one-of-a-kind (and decidedly safe) way, being towed 600 metres into the sky and then gently released to ride the air currents back down to earth.


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