“I love all types of travel, from camping to drinking wine in Paris. I think it’s because I’m super-Gemini and mixed race and kind of scattered, so it makes sense that I’m all over the place,” says actress Lyndie Greenwood, who relocated to Wilmington earlier this year for her role as Jenny Mills on Sleepy Hollow. You might also recognize the 31-year-old as Sonya from Nikita, which was shot in her hometown of Toronto from 2010 to 2013. “Flying back and forth is exhausting, so I’m really settling in to the Southern hospitality here,” she says.


Best lunch “9 Bakery & Lounge in downtown Wilmington. I get this amazing black-bean burger with avocado-corn-tomato salsa.”

Favourite shop “Edge of Urge in Wilmington is my go-to for clothes and cool cross-stitch ideas. The owner, Jessie Williams, and her designer friends make all sorts of handmade clothes, accessories and art. And they carry lots of other amazing brands too.”

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Exercise time “I love going for runs with my housemate, Katia Winter [who plays Katrina Crane on Sleepy Hollow]. We run along Carolina Beach and then jump into the ocean afterwards. That’s a nice afternoon.”

Weekend getaway “I recently went to Asheville to see the mountains and eat some amazing food. Cúrate is a delicious Spanish tapas house, and MG Road is fantastic for cocktails—I know they were good, but I forget exactly what I had because I’d had quite a few by the end of the night.” [Laughs]


Setjetting bucket list
“I am a huge Jurassic Park fan, so I would love to go to Hawaii to check out where it was filmed—and New Zealand to visit sites from the Lord of the Rings movies. I get so invested in movies, I just want to see where they were made.”

Castmate hangouts “When I filmed Nikita in Toronto, the cast used to go to Local Kitchen at Queen and Roncesvalles, Midfield, which is an awesome wine bar at Dundas and Gladstone, and Cold Tea, a great bar in Kensington Market.”


Family reunion “My first big trip ever was to Tobago when I was 16. Pigeon Point Beach was so beautiful, and I got to meet a lot of my mom’s family—that trip really sparked my travel bug.”

Europe bound “One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen was the Cliffs of Moher when I was on a road trip in Ireland. The views are just magical!”


Window or aisle “I’m an aisle girl. I get a little claustrophobic.”

Inflight entertainment
“Cross-stitch— I find it really relaxing to create my own designs.”

Packing style “Simple. I only like carry-ons, and I pack as little as possible.”


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