3 Winter Spots Around the World to Visit

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Choose your own (chilly) adventure.

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    If you think you belong on the Iron Throne...the team behind the Treehotel (you know the one) is back with a new see-it-to-believe-it resort. The log-covered Arctic Bath hotel in the Swedish Lapland (opening this year) looks like something straight out of King’s Landing, and the resto, spa and heated river pool are pure fantasy too.

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    If you crave quiet alone time...Visit Alaska’s Sheldon Chalet. The five-room octagon-shaped property is more than 80 kilometres from the nearest town, can be accessed only by helicopter and, oh yeah, sits atop a glacial island.

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    If a soak in Blue Lagoon is on your bucket list...but fighting through the hordes for a spot in the mineral-rich geothermal waters stresses you out, problem solved: The Retreat Hotel right down the street gives its guests private access to a portion of the lagoon, where they can also receive in-water massages. 

    This article first appeared in the February 2019 issue of ELLE Canada.
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