2013 Toronto International Film Festival - Grey Goose vodka Party For "You Are Here" at Soho House Toronto

Amy Poehler at Soho House. Image courtesy of Getty Images.

It’s exclusive, it’s intimate, and it brings out all the
biggest names at TIFF. If there is one place to be this festival, it is at the Soho House, and last night was no exception. Delicious bites and fizzy Grey Goose cocktails weaved through mingling party-goers, as they circled around awaited the arrival of the film’s star-studded cast. The man behind
Mad Men and the devilishly-handsome Don Draper, Matthew Weiner, celebrated his directorial debut with producers Jordan Horowitz and Scott Hornbacher. After a quick photo-op with her fellow leading ladies, Amy Poehler turned the camera onto herself, taking selfies with friends as they cozied up in a reserved corner of The House. While the film’s lead, Zach Galifinakis didn’t make an appearance—he had to cancel last-minute with something we would say is a bit more pressing, his wife going into labour—there was no lapse of excitement in the night.
OVER TO YOU Which star would you like to sip cocktails with during TIFF?