Third wave coffee
Third wave coffee, which began some 10 years ago on the West Coast, offers a new way of looking at coffee. The way of impassioned fans, who follow the path the coffee beans have taken – knowing the provenance, the method of cultivation, the harvest date, the type of roasting and who is preparing the coffee according to the rule book. It is because of them that we can now enjoy Grand Cru coffees and create custom blends. It’s a trend that’s here to stay.

Five third wave coffees to try
Epic Espresso

A blend of coffees from Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica. A balanced taste with notes of fruits, nuts, vanilla and chocolate.

Montreal – Café Santé Veritas

Kenya Kiangoi AA
Coffee grown in volcanic soil in the province of Kirinyaga. The taste is dense and rich, with a distinct aroma and a dominant note of fresh raspberries.

Vancouver – 49th Parallel Roasters

Puerta Verde, Guatemala
Coffee grown on a tiny farm in the valley of Panchoy. Notes of sugar cane and baked apples, and an orange acidity.

Calgary – Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Coffee from the Nyeri region of Kenya. Notes of lime, marmalade, blackberry and dried apricot.

Edmonton – Transcend Coffee

Flecha Roja, Costa Rica
Coffee of the Tarrazu variety, grown on the side of a volcano. Notes of hazelnut, lemon, maple and crème brûlée. Full-bodied and slightly acidic.

Toronto – Mercury Epresso