The Mindy Project is cancelled! But we’ve got the inside scoop on what’s next

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the-mindy-project-is-cancelledWe’ve got some big news to announce (Photo: Instagram/@mindykaling)

By Jasmine Roberts And the bad news just keeps on coming. It looks like Fox has decided to pull the plug on our beloved show
The Mindy Project (insert angry tweets here). First
Downton Abbey and now this? We don’t think we can take anymore sad news.
See what’s next for The Mindy Project after the jump…

So why is this happening, why is
The Mindy Project is cancelled? Because Fox believes that the show’s ratings just aren’t bringing in enough of the Benjamins, but the internet’s meltdown paints a different story. So what’s next for our beloved Mindy? Well there may be hope: The show’s producer, Universal TV, has been chatting with Hulu to have the show live on for multiple seasons! This makes total sense since Hulu already owns the rights for streaming the show. Maybe we’ll get a miracle after all?
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