The Dark Side II Tour comes to Toronto!

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the-dark-side-2-tour-toronto When Canadian author and ELLE Canada contributor Robert Wiersema was tasked with interviewing bestselling horror Andrew Pyper for our latest issue of ELLE Man, Wiersema couldn’t get over what a regular guy Pyper seemed. Not what you’d expect from “the master architect of dread.” But it’s perhaps the author’s unassuming nature that allows him to craft stories that toe the line between literary fiction and horror—what Pyper describes as “a trained restraint.” His newest release,
The Damned, tells the story of heaven and back—or more accurately, what happens after, asking: “what if wasn’t heaven but a… lower floor. Or what is someone goes and comes back and brings someone back with them?” All of these questions are sure to be answered during
The Dark Side II Tour, in which Pyper will be stopping in Toronto on March 13th (that’s Friday the 13th to be clear) to discuss all things horror.
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Joining Pyper is fellow horror writer Nick Cutter, who’s newest release
The Deep seamlessly blends apocalyptic sci-fi with gripping suspense. His last novel,
The Troop, won serious acclaim of the first mater of horror Steven King, who raved, “[the book] scared the hell out of me and I couldn’t put it down…old-school horror at its best.” Join ELLE Canada Features Editor Aliyah Shamsher in conversation with Pyper and Cutter during
The Dark Side II Tour, taking place on March 13th at The Spoke Club. The details: Gift Bag value over $75 When: Friday March 13, 2015 Doors open @ 6:30pm Where: The Spoke Club The Portland Room 600 King St. W., Toronto Tickets: $35
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