Sumertime and the drinkings easy…

Love my girls at
Siren Communications. In preparation of the Canada Day long weekend ahead, the team sent me this (below) to make
Chocolate-Espresso Caramilk-sickles. Simply pour Caramilk cream liquor (along with espresso, yum! full recipe below) into the frozen popsicle mold, chill and serve poolside. I can’t think of a better way to salute our country on Friday, can you?

Chocolate-Espresso Caramilk-sickles
1/2 cup chocolate syrup or chocolate sauce
1/2 espresso
2 cups chocolate milk
1 cup Caramilk Cream Liquor
Add chocolate syrup to espresso and mix until chocolate syrup has dissolved. Then add chocolate milk and Caramilk Cream Liquor, and stir. Pour liquid mixture into popsickle molds and place into freezer for several hours or until frozen. When full frozen, place mold upside down under hot water, and gently pull Caramilk-sicles out of the mold. Makes up to 12 servings.