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bob moses shopyourmoodTom Howie and Jimmy Vallance aka Bob Moses.

The final installment in our series about the musos who soundtrack
our shoppable videos belongs to Bob Moses. Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance are high school pals who now play in a band named after their old gym teacher (not the famous jazz musician, in case you were wondering). We paired their slow-burn club track,
"All I Want" with our "Relaxed" mood video—which didn’t surprise the boys: "The vibe of the track is relaxed," says Jimmy. "But I think if you look at the lyrics they’re not so relaxed. But the chorus, definitely I think fits this relaxing tone." We chatted with them about how the song was made, their upcoming album, and the not-so-secret shopaholic in the group:

ELLE Canada: Tom, you wrote the lyrics right?
Tom Howie: For this particular song I came up with the gist. I just started saying ‘all I want’ and then I had some lines and then I brought them to Jimmy and then we kind of edited them together and finished them up.
EC: Is the song actually about anything or…? TH: Let’s just leave that open for interpretation.
EC: We hear you’ve got an album in the pipeline…
Jimmy Vallance: We started writing it about a month ago. We’ve had bits and pieces of songs kicking around for a while, but it’s just basically about us writing as much as we can and as best as we can and pushing ourselves. After releasing these first three EP’s, we’re a little bit confident in our sound now and before we felt like we were still trying to find ourselves. And now it kind of feels like, ok, we’re finally starting to get decent at being Bob Moses. So we just want to run with that and have as much fun with that as possible and push it as far as it can go.
TH: I always say the making of a release is an exercise in refining. You write and write and write and then you kind of refine and figure out what works…
JV: You sit on ideas.
TH: You’ve gotta make all the puzzle pieces and then figure out how they go together.
JV: It’s great when you finish something, and then you start working on something else and maybe two weeks go by and when you come back with a fresh set of ears you can approach it from a different way.
EC: Since these are shoppable videos, we have to ask—are you big shoppers?
JV: Oh for sure! Tom is a big shopper…
TH: I fucking hate shopping. I go to one store that has what I want, and then I get some shit and then I can’t really go to more than one store. Jimmy’s a great shopper.
JV: I love shopping. I will fucking shop till I drop. I don’t like online shopping so much, I like the actual act. I’m the kind of guy that like, I’ll go to the record store, pick through records, listen to them all, find records, go, look through all the racks of clothes, find a shirt, try ‘em all on—I’m that guy. I have an incredible amount of patience, I’ll try on everything, and then I try not to look at price tags and if I just have to have it I’ll buy it.
EC: And do you think you buy different stuff when you’re in a good mood or a bad mood?
JV: I tend to just buy a lot of black anyways. But I might buy a pair of shorts if I’m happy. You know, I’ll buy some summery shorts.
TH: I go shopping in a good mood and I leave shopping in a bad mood. Hopefully with some stuff in my bag that I like.
JV: We tried to go band shopping a couple of times like, “Hey man let’s go get some clothes and look cool” and then it just ends up, the band is in jeopardy after.
TH: And we’re in financial ruin because Jimmy doesn’t look at the price tag and spends all his money on a shirt.
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