KimKardashianImage courtesy of Instagram/KimKardashian.

As you’ve probably read, “selfie” beat out “
twerking” as the word of the year by the editors from Oxford English Dictionary. (Belfies might be a contender for next year thanks to Kim Kardashian’s efforts to elevate this to a narcissistic—and trending—art form.) A recent British study found that most people take more than 10 minutes to prepare for their shot and they take up to seven images before they post their final pick. And they also play fast and loose with the concept of this being the product of their own creative talent! Up to 81 percent of them get a friend to take the shot, yet they post it as their own. I’m not as prolific as
Miley Cyrus or
Ms Kardashian—who is, really?—but my approach is more of a meta comment on this self-reflection phenomenon. I take a shot of myself taking the selfie. And I pretty much go against all of
Kim’s advice. The selfie queen has three tips:
1. Hold your camera higher than your face.
2. Know your angle.
3 Try to avoid duck face—even if it does bring out your cheekbones. My advice:
1. Be spontaneous.
2. Be unexpected.
3. Be whimsical.
Apparently 35% of people take a selfie to remember a happy moment. Read on to see four of those Instagram moments for me. (None of which went viral like, Kim’s belfie.)