The secret to Kate Middleton’s glowing complexion

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Commonwealth Service At Westminster AbbeyG to the L-O-W. (Getty)

Now that she’s had to give up her (secret! scandalous! so subtle you can’t even tell!) addiction to St Tropez spray tan, the Duchess of Cambridge could be excused for looking a little wan as she enters the eighth month of her pregnancy. (Actually, she and her skin can do whatever they want but you know, inquiring minds). But when
she stepped out for Commonwealth Day yesterday, royal watchers all commented that Kate was looking particularly glowy…and apparently, the secret  to her stellar complexion is available to mere mortals as well.
US Weekly has "revealed" that
Kate Middleton is a big fan of using rosehip oil on her. Specifically, the Duchess entrusts the royal epidermis to the brand Trilogy (mum Carol is a fan too, FYI). Rosehip oil is touted as a sort of miracle elixir for the skin, doing everything from healing scars, reduce the look of fine lines, and just generally give you skin a big ole dose of Vitamins A and C. If nothing else, it seems like a more afforable way (Kate’s favoured brand is around $20) of achieving a glow than say, the celestial light bestowed by the divine right to rule.
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