We’re excited to announce that the very smart, sexy and outspoken actress is the (gorgeous!) face of ELLE Canada’s November 2013 issue. While setting the
Toronto International Film Festival abuzz in September (the 28-year-old was the epitome of chic in
Saint Laurent at the premiere for her film 
Don Jon), she sat down with
ELLE Canada to chat candidly about her role in 
Don Jon, her aspirations to direct… and why she really doesn’t want to talk about her recent engagement.Here’s a sneak peek of what she had to say in our November issue!
On taking career risks

“It would be such a waste to just continue to do the same thing and not take a risk. I don’t have anything to lose by taking a risk artistically—I only have something to gain, even if it doesn’t work out.”

On wanting to keep her private life, well, private

“You don’t know me. I don’t particularly care about the romantic life of a person I don’t know. I guess we’re all nosy in some way…. I know that people like celebrities and maybe it gives them something to dream about.”

On stepping away from gossip

“I’ve stopped Googling myself—nothing good ever comes of it. It gives you an inflated sense of yourself too. It makes you feel like everyone is paying attention to you and they’re not,”

She stole the screen in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut Don Jon, which hit theatres Friday. Now she’s bringing her quick wit to the pages of ELLE Canada. Check out the issue on newsstands soon!

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