You Me At Six think Coldplay are the “best band of all time”.

The ‘Underdog’ rockers’ frontman Josh Franceschi feels so strongly about the ‘Paradise’ group he even got into an argument with a twitter fan over it.

Speaking before a performance at London’s Hard Rock Cafe last night (13.12.11), the singer told Absolute Radio: “I saw Coldplay the other night and they are the best band of all time.

“After that show I did a thing afterwards where I said I wish I’d written ‘Fix You’. Then some kid on twitter was like, ‘I can’t believe you like Coldplay. They’re the worst band or whatever.

“I was just like, ‘How are you alive and functioning like a human?’ I think everybody in the world likes at least one Coldplay song. There’s a song in there for everyone on any level.

“They’re the biggest band in the world right now. Their last album went to number one across the world, so they’re the ones having the last laugh, right?”

Despite enjoying Coldplay’s gigs, You Me At Six – who also include Max Helyer, Chris Miller, Matt Barnes and Dan Flint – believe the current world recession is “killing” live music, and very few British bands are now able to tour in the US.

Josh added: “I think the recession is killing live music at the moment, like I think there’s very few bands that can consistently tour back-to-back in America especially without it affecting their show, so you’ve got to be smart and you can’t tour there as much.”

You Me At Six were performing at Hard Rock Cafe as part of the Absolute Radio Presents the Hard Rock 40th Anniversary Sessions. Tune into Absolute Radio on Sunday 18th December from 10pm to listen to highlights from the show. For more visit