Wiz Khalifa’s fans throw weed at him onstage, but he doesn’t smoke it.

The ‘Black and Yellow’ rapper – who is open about his marijuana use, once bragging he spends around $10,000 a month the drug – said he often ends up with gifts of the illegal substance at his concerts, but prefers not to use it himself.

He told website Spin.com: “Absolutely. I don’t usually smoke the fan weed. I accept it as a gift and pass it on to somebody else.”

The rising hip hop star also bonds with Snoop Dogg over the drug, with the pair sharing their knowledge of the hip hop scene with each other.

Wiz added: “Absolutely we bond over that, but even more than weed, we talk about business. Snoop has a lot of game to give me and he doesn’t mind listening to my point of view because I’m young and I’ve got the game now.

“He’s had the game forever, but I know what’s poppin’ now, so he doesn’t mind asking my opinion and following my lead on stuff.”

Wiz – who maintains he is “not trying to push drugs on anybody” – was arrested on multiple drug charges in North Carolina last year after authorities found 60 grams of marijuana on his tour bus. He now faces felony charges over the incident.